Riviera responds rapidly to a change in circumstance, calling on highly specialized Japanese interpreters to deliver a seamless multilingual experience at a global footwear brand's two day press event.

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Hybrid Press Event

A leading global footwear and apparel brand is hosting a PR event to launch the re-imagination of their flagship product, and a complimentary new season's line, with a focus on sustainability. Attendees of the two day event will participate in a tour of a regenerative agriculture operation on day one, and a tour of the brand’s global HQ on day two, with a few one on one interviews sprinkled in. Riviera was tasked with providing interpretation between Japanese and English for the events, and after an initial analysis of the program, recommended a liaison style/consecutive interpreting approach for the tours and interviews.


A last minute schedule change to day two’s program resulted in the substitution of the HQ tour with a series of presentations by brand leadership on design, strategy, DEI, and sustainability efforts, in particular, as related to supply chain. This program change necessitated a switch from liaison style/consecutive interpreting to simultaneous interpreting and the requirement of an additional Japanese interpreter with less than 48 hours notice. To complicate matters, the event is being held in a small city at least a 2 hour drive from the nearest metro hub where a qualified Japanese interpreter with the capability and subject matter expertise for the job might be found, and in a small conference room with no AV equipment or connectivity built in. To further complicate matters, the Riviera team cannot access the conference room until 7:00 a.m. the day of the presentations, which begin at 9:00.  


Calling on our deep bench of linguists, technical expertise, and creativity, the team at Riviera was able to locate and schedule a Japanese interpreter on short notice to perform remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI). The team also manufactured a hybrid interpreting solution combining traditional AV hardware and interpreting equipment with remote simultaneous interpreting software to deliver simultaneous Japanese  interpretation via a hybrid team, with interpreters working both on site and remotely. The hybrid RSI solution was assembled, installed and tested the morning of the event, and the interpreters were connected to in room audio and video, allowing the presentations, and interpretation into Japanese, to go off without a hitch. 

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