Riviera facilitates the opening of a new luxury hotel in California's scenic central coast wine region.

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A multinational hospitality group, with 26 boutique hotels and resorts, in addition to numerous inspiring restaurants, spas and residences, is opening a new location in California’s scenic central coast wine region. As part of the unveiling and opening of this new location, new team members are scheduled for trainings on company culture, policies and benefits, how to deliver an exceptional guest experience to not only meet, but exceed guest expectations. With a monolingual leadership team and a significant Limited English Proficient (LEP) portion of the team, Riviera was brought in to help facilitate the meetings. 


Trainings, town halls, annual or quarterly meetings, or similar events can be challenging for companies with diverse workforces. In order to maintain an inclusive culture across a diverse workforce or provide equal access to benefits or impart critical information in safety trainings, companies with monolingual leadership and multilingual staff often find themselves falling short of their company culture and business goals, hamstrung by ineffective communication due to language barriers. Bilingual staff may help, but they are often tasked with many other duties and despite their bilingualism, may not have the skills to effectively translate.

In the hospitality business, where anything less than an exceptional customer experience is not an option, such miscommunication cannot be afforded. 


The team at Riviera brought in linguists specializing in trainings and the hospitality sector, who worked with leadership from the client organization to deliver critical messages regarding company culture, employee expectations, benefits, guest experience and more. Our team at Riviera is happy to have facilitated and empowered the team that ultimately opened their new location to critical acclaim in publications such as Vogue and the Los Angeles Times. 

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