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A global customer experience and market research firm and their client, a leading multinational producer of non-alcoholic beverages, are conducting a qualitative market research study in advance of a new campaign. The study is to take place across several weeks and locations, in both the US and Canada, using focus groups to capture perspectives from one of the fastest growing market segments: the US Latino market. 


While multilingual market research is nothing new, accurate communication is critical to the qualitative research process - layering language barriers on top of such a project calls for special expertise, care and attention to detail. To this end, many market research firms may have their own bilingual moderators who run multilingual focus groups, other team members, or personnel from the client organization, may not possess the language skills to follow along or analyze the results of such a session, either in review or a recording or transcription. 

In these instances, subject matter and linguistic expertise are key, in addition to familiarity of focus group venues, which typically boast specialized IT and AV setups, and industry-specific recording and streaming options, presenting a technical challenge for providers of language services. 

And, as this was a multi location, multi week study, the client required support in three metro areas - one on the west coast, one in the southwest, and another in the southeast. The client came with concerns of having to find a different language service provider in each of their required locales. 

Enter Riviera.

During a discovery call, our team at Riviera discussed a few of the client’s requirements, and discovered a few new ones: First, simultaneous interpretation from Spanish into English was to be provided to give English speaking team members the ability to observe and fully take in the live focus group. Second, teams needed to be scheduled for each separate date and location. Third, an assessment of the technical specifications of each study venue was to be conducted by Riviera so clean audio from the focus group could be properly delivered to the interpreters, then transmitted to the observers. Last, the interpretation was to be streamed to the cloud via an insights industry leading technology, for recording. 


Calling on our extensive network of linguists, Riviera scheduled unique teams, composed of event managers, linguists and technicians, for each of the client’s focus group dates and locations on the west coast, in the southwest and the southeast. Advance scouting of each location was conducted to prepare for the events, and to ensure the appropriate connections and equipment, including booths, transmitters and receivers, were provided. In addition to rendering live simultaneous translation, Riviera’s event manager and technicians worked in concert with the client and their technology partner to stream interpreted audio from the service location to the cloud for recording, which allowed the client to capture not only the usual video and original Spanish audio from the focus group, but also a side by side second audio track, with the English interpretation, ready for review by the team. 

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